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About TomatoPies

Our mantra is fast, fresh & always friendly, using only the best ingredients, including organic & local produce. Tomato Pies will offer health friendly selections as well as provide Catering for all Occasions. We are extremely excited to open & serve you!

In the pizza industry, there are many ways to cut corners. We don’t. Our flour is high grade, and un-bromated. Potassium Bromate is a known carcinogen that is banned in almost all the world except the United States. In fact, if you buy a pizza in Canada that contains Potassium Bromide, the box would have to have a warning label similar to a pack of cigarettes. Consider that next time you see a sign that advertises super cheap pizza. and be wary of chains that don’t…or won’t…proudly disclose their ingredients. Chances are you’ll find dough conditioners, hydrogenated soybean oil, or other chemical enhancers.

Choose the better pizza. Choose TomatoPies.